Dedicated IP for Hosting and Search Engines Rankings

It is really a confusing issue whether you should have a dedicated IP address in order to give a boost to your website ranking in terms of SEO. Many webmasters have believed on this myth since a long time. Although this myth has been dispelled by Google but still there are a lot of people who believe that Dedicated IP address actually helps in increasing the website rank in search engine index.

What actually is Dedicated IP Hosting?

A dedicated IP hosting service provides the user with a unique IP address that could be used for an individual domain or server, implying the fact that only your website is residing on the server, which means you cannot share the same IP address with any other website.

Such kind of hosting plans are capable of making your Website a lot more independence when compare to any other websites present on the same server. Dedicated IP addresses also result in improved ranks on various search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Bing etc. The user can also improve his website’s rank by adding a SSL certificate to it.

How Dedicated IP Hosting helps in Improving the Website Rank?

When we look through SEOs point of view, an IP address tells us about the place where the website is hosted. The websites that are hosted by dedicated or static serves gains the advantage of having a dedicated IP address, while other non dedicated ones have to share their IP address will many other websites.

It totally depends upon the service provider and the hosting plan that one subscribe, whether the site will share the IP address or have a unique IP address. This sharing of IP address not only slows down thesite but it is also believed that websites that are sharing the IP addresses have lower rank than those having a unique IP address. But it could not be said with determination that the thing is true or false except the experts who have been writing the algorithms for Bing and Google. Visit our website for Bluehost discount coupon.

Advantages of Dedicated IP Address

  • One main advantage of using a Dedicated IP address is that it offers its users a whole new level of flexibility and also permitting the complex web hosting. It turns out to be beneficial because you can include private SSL certificate and a FTP access provision that will allow the people to share information in a much secured manner.
  • It makes very easy for business person to have the whole control of his website in his own hands. This often results in good page ranking too.
  • In shared IP service, if any one IP site having the same IP address as your gets banned, then the other sites may also get banned, but this problem could be overcome by using a Dedicated IP address.

However there are not many dedicated IP service providers in the market, but the thing is not true for most of the cases that dedicated IP address is helpful in increasing the search rank of your Website but you can use this service to add SSL certificate to your website in order to attract more visitors to it.