Why should BlueHost be Used for WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is undoubtedly the largest content management system and gives one platform to even host own website. There are many web hosting companies that is compatible with WordPress but because of lot of reason BlueHost is considered to be one of the best host.

bluehost on wordpress

It is a clear winner in terms of web hosting as it is cost-effective, provides great features and comes with complete assistance. Below are some of the reasons why it is best for WordPress Hosting

  1. Installs WordPress without Hassle – WordPress itself refers BlueHost as one of the best domain to host the website. It is because of the simple fact that it is WordPress friendly and installs it with one simple click. There are no permissions or hidden catch while installing WordPress making the whole process quick and efficient. Many domain host install WordPress through a long and tedious process which is completely different in case of BlueHost.
  2. Features and Facilities – While choosing a domain for hosting website it is of pivotal importance that it offers maximum features at affordable price. The best part of BlueHost is it provides unlimited domains and it facilitates or supports the installation of over 200 WordPress account which is great. The bandwidth offered by BlueHost is grand as it offers unlimited bandwidth, great performance and doesn’t limit data space. It also offers automatic backup and saves you the hassle of extra plugin addition and worrying about self backup.
  3. Customer Support – One of the integral parts of any company or service is the assistance and customer support they provide. BlueHost has great customer service which helps customers round the clock with multiple problems. One can raise ticket and it is closed only after the issue is resolved. It offers customer support using phone service and also by using message and live chat. Most of the users of BlueHost have given great reviews about the kind of customer support provided by them.
  4. Affordable Price – As a customer we all look for something affordable providing maximum features and facilities. They offer you complete web hosting at a price of $6.95 per month which is a great deal for website hosting. There are many deals and discounts offered on the first purchase of Bluehost hosting where the domain can be purchased for free for 12 months and one only has to pay for server. The price paid can easily be diluted with the revenue earned from the website.
  5. Trust and Reliability – BlueHost is considered to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy website because it has hosted millions of website till date and helped people in gaining success. It provides world class support system, great uptime rate and speed of loading complete website and managed to create happy customers worldwide. It is recommended by WordPress itself for its reliability and functional support.
  6. Good Return and Revenue – It is a great way to start earning revenue from your website because hosting using BlueHost gives you access to personal management of the website. You can place ads and earn money and start a career as professional blogger. It gives you a platform to run your own business and start generating income.

BlueHost is one of the simplest and great web hosting domains that helps in hosting WordPress blog or business or anything in one simple click. It is widely used for WordPress hosting as it is compatible and WordPress friendly and provides a domain free for lifetime. It is a great bargain with affordable packages and better return in case of earning income and revenue.