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Domain names usually come free for a year with any hosting plan you purchase, from any hosting service provider. However, after the grace period is done, almost all hosting customer would give renewing the domain name a thought. But how do you know if the domain name is worth renewing? There happens to be a name value for all domain names – the higher the better and it’s mostly like a ranking. If a domain name is popular among the visitors and it gets higher traffic as well, then the domain is definitely worth renewing. Otherwise, you might want to collapse a domain name and put more focus on some other names. Here are few factors you might want to judge as a checklist or determining factors for renewing domain names.

Grace Period

When do the domain names expire? Well, typically after a calendar year, unless you have purchased a longer time subscription. Your domain name doesn’t get killed exactly when the subscription expires, usually there’s a grace period from 15 to 45 days depending on your hosting service provider and what package you are subscribed to. Some companies even offer 90 days grace period in their higher priced packages. If you are nearing your grace period and want to keep the domain then you should pay the renewal fees and make your domain functional again.

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Status of the Domain

If you have a domain name that’s fully functional, active and popular with the visitors, then most likely you wish to keep it alive. An active domain name is supposed to be profiting and you might not want to lose it. Any developed website that’s fully functional is valuable. If this is the case with your website, then we recommend you proceed with the renewal.


Developed or Developing?

If the domain name is under development, then two options might be there. One, you want to develop the domain in near future hence you need to renew it. Two, you have just purchased the domain but haven’t worked on it, might not work in the near future as well. In this second case, since there’s no development been done, you may ditch the domain. This would save your wallet as you can always purchase the domain later on, upon availability.


Is the Domain Name Earning you Money?

The major point of investing on a domain name is getting a profitable return. That might not always be the case, but in most cases this happens to be the reason. For monetary profit, you should assess whether the domain name is returning a good amount of profit. If it does, then keeping the domain name and maybe updating it could be a better idea. Otherwise, discontinuation seems a wise step to take.



Domain name is a major concern. For best output, it is always the best idea to carefully choose a domain name to begin with. And for further endeavors, updating the subscription would do the rest of the job.