Why should you Choose SiteGround Web Hosting Service?

Later this decade, a lot of companies have come into the web hosting business. Anyone willing to choose a web hosting provider to host their first or some n-th number of website, the finding won’t even take an hour. But the question of quality of service remains, and that’s where the greater quality services show up. SiteGround web hosting company isn’t as new as many out there, it was founded back in 2004 and been serving in the industry with success for the last 12 years. They offer various different types of hosting options, they got a wide range of customers with satisfactory reviews to put, a very respectable goodwill to maintain and of course, potential for everyone’s website to grow.

Why to Use SiteGround Hosting

For the comfort in pricing, one can always find discount and affiliate coupon codes which could offer a really good amount of discount in each subscription which you can fine here: http://www.selectedhosting.com/siteground-coupon-code-and-review/ – one major reason why SiteGround should be on your bucket list.

Company Background

SiteGround was founded by Tenko Nikolov, Niki Todorov and Reneta Tsankova. With their experience in the IT industry, they have had come up with the idea of starting a hosting service business, which was a fairly good idea back then. Ever since the company started operating in 2004; they have sold more than 250,000 domains across the world. Worldwide number of servers hosted by SiteGround is 1100 inside the three regional servers they have. The offices are located in Bulgaria, London, Sofia and Panama. Another best thing about SiteGround hosting is, the customers don’t really need to read through an essay like T&C paper, rather it’s a brief and compact agreement easily understandable for all.

Types of Hosting Plans

SiteGround has every type of web hosting service in their arsenal. Starting from the most common shared hosting service, the company even has a range of cloud hosting services has well. There are three plans in the shared, dedicated and WordPress hosting plans each; for cloud servers SiteGround offers four different plans which you will find in brief review of SiteGround. The pricing for shared hosting servers start at $9.95/month and goes all the way up to $29.95/month; however official discount and coupon codes from affiliates are highly available to reduce the price to a much reasonable point. Pricing for the WordPress hosting plans are same, and the dedicated server prices range between $229/month and $429/month. Cloud hosting is a relatively newer concept in the age of web hosting services, yet SiteGround has adopted them pretty well. The pricing starts at $60/month, and the highest tier cloud hosting plan costs $140/month.

As the analogy goes, it is apparent how the pricing with SiteGround is very reasonable. Given the features, no one would make a complaint regarding SiteGround’s service.

Common Features

The list of features vary from plan to plan, however few of the features are identical for all the hosting plans. For example, the monthly bandwidth allocation remains same on all shared hosting plans. Dedicated plans have restriction, yet for the pricing the barrier is placed on right grounds. Free domain registration is available, and few premium features like CloudFlare CDN, automatic daily backup & restore, unlimited MySQL databases etc. are standard options in higher priced plans.


If you had been wondering what reasons should you choose SiteGround for, hopefully you have found your answer. SiteGround is slightly expensive than the other hosting companies, but that’s well made up for the long list of premium feature list SiteGround offers to its customers.