Why should BlueHost be Used for WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is undoubtedly the largest content management system and gives one platform to even host own website. There are many web hosting companies that is compatible with WordPress but because of lot of reason BlueHost is considered to be one of the best host.

bluehost on wordpress

It is a clear winner in terms of web hosting as it is cost-effective, provides great features and comes with complete assistance. Below are some of the reasons why it is best for WordPress Hosting

  1. Installs WordPress without Hassle – WordPress itself refers BlueHost as one of the best domain to host the website. It is because of the simple fact that it is WordPress friendly and installs it with one simple click. There are no permissions or hidden catch while installing WordPress making the whole process quick and efficient. Many domain host install WordPress through a long and tedious process which is completely different in case of BlueHost.
  2. Features and Facilities – While choosing a domain for hosting website it is of pivotal importance that it offers maximum features at affordable price. The best part of BlueHost is it provides unlimited domains and it facilitates or supports the installation of over 200 WordPress account which is great. The bandwidth offered by BlueHost is grand as it offers unlimited bandwidth, great performance and doesn’t limit data space. It also offers automatic backup and saves you the hassle of extra plugin addition and worrying about self backup.
  3. Customer Support – One of the integral parts of any company or service is the assistance and customer support they provide. BlueHost has great customer service which helps customers round the clock with multiple problems. One can raise ticket and it is closed only after the issue is resolved. It offers customer support using phone service and also by using message and live chat. Most of the users of BlueHost have given great reviews about the kind of customer support provided by them.
  4. Affordable Price – As a customer we all look for something affordable providing maximum features and facilities. They offer you complete web hosting at a price of $6.95 per month which is a great deal for website hosting. There are many deals and discounts offered on the first purchase of Bluehost hosting where the domain can be purchased for free for 12 months and one only has to pay for server. The price paid can easily be diluted with the revenue earned from the website.
  5. Trust and Reliability – BlueHost is considered to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy website because it has hosted millions of website till date and helped people in gaining success. It provides world class support system, great uptime rate and speed of loading complete website and managed to create happy customers worldwide. It is recommended by WordPress itself for its reliability and functional support.
  6. Good Return and Revenue – It is a great way to start earning revenue from your website because hosting using BlueHost gives you access to personal management of the website. You can place ads and earn money and start a career as professional blogger. It gives you a platform to run your own business and start generating income.

BlueHost is one of the simplest and great web hosting domains that helps in hosting WordPress blog or business or anything in one simple click. It is widely used for WordPress hosting as it is compatible and WordPress friendly and provides a domain free for lifetime. It is a great bargain with affordable packages and better return in case of earning income and revenue.

Why should you Choose SiteGround Web Hosting Service?

Later this decade, a lot of companies have come into the web hosting business. Anyone willing to choose a web hosting provider to host their first or some n-th number of website, the finding won’t even take an hour. But the question of quality of service remains, and that’s where the greater quality services show up. SiteGround web hosting company isn’t as new as many out there, it was founded back in 2004 and been serving in the industry with success for the last 12 years. They offer various different types of hosting options, they got a wide range of customers with satisfactory reviews to put, a very respectable goodwill to maintain and of course, potential for everyone’s website to grow.

Why to Use SiteGround Hosting

For the comfort in pricing, one can always find discount and affiliate coupon codes which could offer a really good amount of discount in each subscription which you can fine here: http://www.selectedhosting.com/siteground-coupon-code-and-review/ – one major reason why SiteGround should be on your bucket list.

Company Background

SiteGround was founded by Tenko Nikolov, Niki Todorov and Reneta Tsankova. With their experience in the IT industry, they have had come up with the idea of starting a hosting service business, which was a fairly good idea back then. Ever since the company started operating in 2004; they have sold more than 250,000 domains across the world. Worldwide number of servers hosted by SiteGround is 1100 inside the three regional servers they have. The offices are located in Bulgaria, London, Sofia and Panama. Another best thing about SiteGround hosting is, the customers don’t really need to read through an essay like T&C paper, rather it’s a brief and compact agreement easily understandable for all.

Types of Hosting Plans

SiteGround has every type of web hosting service in their arsenal. Starting from the most common shared hosting service, the company even has a range of cloud hosting services has well. There are three plans in the shared, dedicated and WordPress hosting plans each; for cloud servers SiteGround offers four different plans which you will find in brief review of SiteGround. The pricing for shared hosting servers start at $9.95/month and goes all the way up to $29.95/month; however official discount and coupon codes from affiliates are highly available to reduce the price to a much reasonable point. Pricing for the WordPress hosting plans are same, and the dedicated server prices range between $229/month and $429/month. Cloud hosting is a relatively newer concept in the age of web hosting services, yet SiteGround has adopted them pretty well. The pricing starts at $60/month, and the highest tier cloud hosting plan costs $140/month.

As the analogy goes, it is apparent how the pricing with SiteGround is very reasonable. Given the features, no one would make a complaint regarding SiteGround’s service.

Common Features

The list of features vary from plan to plan, however few of the features are identical for all the hosting plans. For example, the monthly bandwidth allocation remains same on all shared hosting plans. Dedicated plans have restriction, yet for the pricing the barrier is placed on right grounds. Free domain registration is available, and few premium features like CloudFlare CDN, automatic daily backup & restore, unlimited MySQL databases etc. are standard options in higher priced plans.


If you had been wondering what reasons should you choose SiteGround for, hopefully you have found your answer. SiteGround is slightly expensive than the other hosting companies, but that’s well made up for the long list of premium feature list SiteGround offers to its customers.

How to safeguard your Dedicated Server?

Not everyone needs or can afford a dedicated server for their business. Most of us are happy with a shared host for a better part of our business career. It has obvious advantages like affordability, technical support from the parent host and so on. However, if you are someone who can afford a dedicated server and is aware of the huge potential it offers, then a whole new world of possibilities presents itself before you. By all means, a dedicated server is a huge investment. You need to see it as an investment because of the numerous earning possibilities it offers. And if you use it diligently enough, you will soon find these possibilities turning into earnings and you can earn your capital back in no time. However, maintaining and safeguarding a dedicated server is no easy feat. You need to be thorough with how this can be done in the most effective way. This article here will help you with exactly that.

Dedicated Server

The responsibilities that comes with owning a dedicated server is humongous. You need to ensure the security of the hardware and you alone will be responsible for the downtimes, if any. You will be responsible for all the websites that are hosted on the server. And there is a regular set of updates and maintenance that you need to account for. Apart from that, you should be readily available to answer queries posed by your clients in a timely manner.

Ensure physical security

So, the first main thing to makes sure is that the server is installed in a physically secure location. There are few industry approved standards in respect to electric installation, wiring, fire fighting systems, ventilation and other physical parameters that you need to adhere to. These are as important as protecting your server from the numerous cyber threats out there. Cyber threats pose a very imminent danger to all server hosts. Therefore, one should leave no stone unturned to ensure maximum protection against such threats. Use SSH/SCP login to encrypt the data fed into the server. This ensures that only trusted users have access to the data stored in the server.

Use Strong Passwords

Second is the over analyzed password theory. Yes, we have a password for literally everything now. But that doesn’t excuse us from using a relatively weak password for your server. Obey all best safe practices in creating a password and then innovate. Cyber threats are serious and you need to be one step ahead of them to prevent a complete invasion.

Ensure Adequate Antivirus and Antispyware Protection

Installing a reliable and consistent antivirus and antispyware protection is the job half done. There are so many different options in terms of companies and versions available that it is going to be difficult identifying the right one for you. But, find the time, invest the energy and the dividends will be for you alone to reap. Do not compromise on this by opting for cheap or free antivirus software. And it is not just about installing, keep it updated regularly.

By following the above steps, you can safeguard your dedicated server.

What Determines How Long Someone Decides to Renew a Domain Name?

Domain names usually come free for a year with any hosting plan you purchase, from any hosting service provider. However, after the grace period is done, almost all hosting customer would give renewing the domain name a thought. But how do you know if the domain name is worth renewing? There happens to be a name value for all domain names – the higher the better and it’s mostly like a ranking. If a domain name is popular among the visitors and it gets higher traffic as well, then the domain is definitely worth renewing. Otherwise, you might want to collapse a domain name and put more focus on some other names. Here are few factors you might want to judge as a checklist or determining factors for renewing domain names.

Domain Name

Grace Period

When do the domain names expire? Well, typically after a calendar year, unless you have purchased a longer time subscription. Your domain name doesn’t get killed exactly when the subscription expires, usually there’s a grace period from 15 to 45 days depending on your hosting service provider and what package you are subscribed to. Some companies even offer 90 days grace period in their higher priced packages. If you are nearing your grace period and want to keep the domain then you should pay the renewal fees and make your domain functional again.

Status of the Domain

If you have a domain name that’s fully functional, active and popular with the visitors, then most likely you wish to keep it alive. An active domain name is supposed to be profiting and you might not want to lose it. Any developed website that’s fully functional is valuable. If this is the case with your website, then we recommend you proceed with the renewal.


Developed or Developing?

If the domain name is under development, then two options might be there. One, you want to develop the domain in near future hence you need to renew it. Two, you have just purchased the domain but haven’t worked on it, might not work in the near future as well. In this second case, since there’s no development been done, you may ditch the domain. This would save your wallet as you can always purchase the domain later on, upon availability.


Is the Domain Name Earning you Money?

The major point of investing on a domain name is getting a profitable return. That might not always be the case, but in most cases this happens to be the reason. For monetary profit, you should assess whether the domain name is returning a good amount of profit. If it does, then keeping the domain name and maybe updating it could be a better idea. Otherwise, discontinuation seems a wise step to take.



Domain name is a major concern. For best output, it is always the best idea to carefully choose a domain name to begin with. And for further endeavors, updating the subscription would do the rest of the job.

Good and Bad Experiences with Bluehost and HostGator

Bluehost and HostGator are two very renowned names when it comes to web hosting. No matter where in the world you live, HostGator and Bluehost would get you covered. Even more to that, you would be able to operate with full support from both these vendors’ end! There happens to be handful of reasons why someone would pick HostGator or Bluehost. On the other hand, there few minor drawbacks to both these hosting company services. There are good experiences, and there are bad ones as well. Of course, to err is human and these two companies are human run after all. So what are the good and bad experiences with Bluehost and HostGator so far? We tried looking for them.

Bluehost Hostgator

Service Downtime

Both these companies offer 99.9 percent uptime in their paper works. How much of this claim is true? We have asked people who are currently subscribed to hosting services from Bluehost and HostGator. Turned out, both these companies are trying quite hard to maintain their uptime as promised.

However, being inexpensive services, these companies actually have to pull up or down their service margin by tiny bits at times. For example, few HostGator users had complained about not complying to their SLA policies. The Service Level Agreement says something about refunding money if the hosting service is down for more than a definite amount of time. HostGator seemed not to accept any ping or monitoring records from third party programs whereas their own program didn’t track any service outage. This might be serious issue with serious customers. However, the downtime wasn’t unbearable; it was barely off the margin.


Bluehost subscribers complained about throttling down the bandwidth during the peak hours. However, all these users were subscribed to shared bandwidth and speed throttle is a common issue in such subscriptions. At higher traffic hours, the bandwidth was throttled down to ensure everyone gets equal share of speed, and when the traffic was down to a minimal level the bandwidth was again throttled up. We didn’t find any trouble with this behavior, since the subscriptions were shared.

Response Time

Even though the response time depends largely on internet connection, physical location and distance between the visitor and the server, still we had taken the courage to try out a response time test and customer feedback on this point. Turned out, HostGator hosting services are faster than the Bluehost servers. During our test, the ping for websites hosted on HostGator servers never exceeded 1.5 seconds at max, while it was around 5-5.5 seconds for Bluehost web servers. Could be an issue with the physical location as well, but that didn’t seem the case since most Bluehost subscribers had mentioned this issue. Clearly the bandwidth throttling issue was true. However these subscriptions were still shared, not dedicated so it’s expected. Everything’s good in response time so far!

Customer Support

Both Bluehost and HostGator people were happy with the customer service. The customer services are available round the clock, throughout the year and they were very helpful as well. In areas where phone support is not available, the support teams take their best efforts to provide the support via email, that’s what the customers had said.


Comparing both these hosting services, they are equally better. Even when the drawbacks come, these companies fill them up with some good service so it’s compensated. Customers from both these hosting services are mostly happy apart from a few rare cases.

Accessing Phpmyadmin on Dreamhost

Accessing the phpmyadmin on Dreamhost hosting is tough if the process is unknown. Many people are seen struggling over the matter, while the solution was actually below the nose. Accessing the phpmyadmin panel lets the users have control over their MySQL database and manage the website. But however, before accessing the database, it is better to be aware of the security concerns.

Dreamhost coupons

Accessing the MySQL database takes the database username and password. The username and password is a MySQL username and password, most probably the same as the Dreamhost hosting credentials. We recommend Dreamhost because of excellent service and cost effectives. Check out Dreamhost promotion codes from mydreamhostcoupon.com Dreamhost servers let the phyMyAdmin configurations use HTTP protocols, unless specified otherwise. So once the credentials are entered into the server, it is highly possible for other users using the same network to steal your credentials using the correct tools. If HTTPS is used as the protocol then this is less susceptible to happen.

This is how the phpMyAdmin panel could be accessed:

  1. Access to the Dreamhost control panel is required. This is the place where everything is managed. Enter the username and ID used during account sign up and log in.
  1. After this step is done, the user is redirected to the DreamHost Control Panel page. Now the phpMyAdmin is accessible; in fact, everything about the DreamHost hosting is manageable from this control panel.
  2. Right below the ‘Let’s Get Started’ line (bold, bigger font), there’s a button named ‘Databases’. Keep looking for it, very easy to find! Click on it for the next steps.
  3. There comes a new page that says MySQL Databases. Now, to proceed with MySQL management, it is required to go through the points mentioned in the MySQL Documentation in the DreamHost Wiki. There are a few declarations about the security and the instructions as well; without any illustration though.
  4. However, scroll down the page and there’s a button with a ‘+’ sign saying ‘Add New Hostname’. Right next to that, in the following row, there is a list of hostnames. The second column says ‘Web Administration’ and below there, ‘phpMyAdmin’ button is present for every hostname. Point your cursor and click on the one you wish to access.
  1. The database will ask for the username and password. Remember the security issue about HTTP and HTTPS.
  2. Once this step is properly done, you are now inside the MySQL database. The page being showed is the phpMyAdmin page.


Be aware of the delete button. Clicking on that even by accident could make the entire database be deleted and impossible to recover. All it would take is just an accidental click! So be very careful about it. If your expertise level is not up to the mark then it’s wise to not play around the options since all your hard work with the website could be destroyed within the blink of your eyes.

However, once you are in the database it is wise to bookmark the page, so that from the next time it is just one click away from accessing the phpMyAdmin page.


Hope the tutorial helped and saved a lot of time! Learn more about Dreamhost review and Discount codes. Happy blogging!

Dedicated IP for Hosting and Search Engines Rankings

It is really a confusing issue whether you should have a dedicated IP address in order to give a boost to your website ranking in terms of SEO. Many webmasters have believed on this myth since a long time. Although this myth has been dispelled by Google but still there are a lot of people who believe that Dedicated IP address actually helps in increasing the website rank in search engine index.

What actually is Dedicated IP Hosting?

A dedicated IP hosting service provides the user with a unique IP address that could be used for an individual domain or server, implying the fact that only your website is residing on the server, which means you cannot share the same IP address with any other website.

Such kind of hosting plans are capable of making your Website a lot more independence when compare to any other websites present on the same server. Dedicated IP addresses also result in improved ranks on various search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Bing etc. The user can also improve his website’s rank by adding a SSL certificate to it.

How Dedicated IP Hosting helps in Improving the Website Rank?

When we look through SEOs point of view, an IP address tells us about the place where the website is hosted. The websites that are hosted by dedicated or static serves gains the advantage of having a dedicated IP address, while other non dedicated ones have to share their IP address will many other websites.

It totally depends upon the service provider and the hosting plan that one subscribe, whether the site will share the IP address or have a unique IP address. This sharing of IP address not only slows down thesite but it is also believed that websites that are sharing the IP addresses have lower rank than those having a unique IP address. But it could not be said with determination that the thing is true or false except the experts who have been writing the algorithms for Bing and Google. Visit our website for Bluehost discount coupon.

Advantages of Dedicated IP Address

  • One main advantage of using a Dedicated IP address is that it offers its users a whole new level of flexibility and also permitting the complex web hosting. It turns out to be beneficial because you can include private SSL certificate and a FTP access provision that will allow the people to share information in a much secured manner.
  • It makes very easy for business person to have the whole control of his website in his own hands. This often results in good page ranking too.
  • In shared IP service, if any one IP site having the same IP address as your gets banned, then the other sites may also get banned, but this problem could be overcome by using a Dedicated IP address.

However there are not many dedicated IP service providers in the market, but the thing is not true for most of the cases that dedicated IP address is helpful in increasing the search rank of your Website but you can use this service to add SSL certificate to your website in order to attract more visitors to it.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Hosting Plan

Nowadays, no blogger needs an explanation on why he/she should choose the best hosting provider! Most of those bloggers, including newbie ones, are very careful while choosing the hosting provider. However, we cannot see such a scrutinizing mentality when it comes to the selection of web hosting plan. Some of them tend to spend big amount of money and get the ‘pro’ plan whereas others tend to choose the beginner plan. Literally, both these methods are not that good. On the other hand, what you have to do is to use your logic while you are selecting a hosting plan for the upcoming blog or website. We think this is important, because most of popular hosting providers offer different kinds of shared hosting plans to suite various requirements. Through this post, we want to help those newbies, who have still confusion about the selection of web hosting plan. We hope these tips will be helpful to you! In this post, we have tried to add noticeable factors as well as some logical tips, and we hope all these tips make enough sense.

HostGator Hosting

An Essential Foreword

Before you check out these tips, we want to remind you one global principle. Regardless your budget, the most basic factor of the selection should be requirement of the site. For instance, when you want to host a personal site or blog only, it is good to go with the basic hosting plan rather than the business-oriented one. On the other hand, if you are a professional internet marketer, it is wise enough to choose a comparatively larger hosting plan. Thus, it will be wise if you have a good idea about your own requirement rather than following those popular plans. If you do have a nice idea about this, we shall check out those effective tips. You can use HostGator coupon to save money while buying HostGator web hosting.

Disk Space & Bandwidth

Regardless your intention, it is wise to choose a hosting plan, which offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. We cannot estimate whether your website is going to be popular or not. Alternatively, in some occasions, we can also observe a notable rise in traffic of website. To cope with such situations, it makes enough sense to choose a hosting plan that has no limit in terms of bandwidth and disk space. Nevertheless, if you are that sure that you will host only some static 5-page websites in the account, there will be no problems when going with a restricted hosting plan. This option makes sense only when you are hesitant to spend money in hosting. For more information visit our website.

Additional Features & Their Availability

Some hosting providers offer additional features such as, CMS installation scripts, site-builder etc, in advertisement. However, not all these features will be available on all hosting packages. Because of this, you have to ensure that the hosting plan comprises all those offered features. We hope, being newbies in the blogging field, you really need such installation scripts and site-builders, as you might not be that an expert in coding world.

Number of Domains

Since most of hosting providers are now offering hosting plans that has unlimited disk space and bandwidth, the very next factor you can consider during this selection process is the number of domains that you can host in the account. For instance, in majority of cases, the ‘beginner’ hosting plan will support single domain hosting, and you will have to upgrade the account when you want to host additional websites. In this case, however, it is great to select a hosting plan, which supports multiple domain hosting. We hope the suggestion makes sense, because once you start career as a blogger, you may have to host more number of blogs eventually. Thus, by going with a hosting plan that offers hosting of multiple domains, you can skip that expensive upgrade.


We hope technical support from the provider is a great concern of newbies, as they will be having less expertise on the technical part of web hosting management. Despite almost every hosting provider now offers technical as well as non-technical support, the methods to access the feature may vary according to the plan. In most cases, the basic hosting plan may not be having support for phone-call-based support but only live chat. On the other hand, the biggest plan will offer you awesome support features for sure. Hence, if you really need customer support in a convenient mean, you should ensure that the chosen hosting plan offers convenient methods to access it.

Approach Experts & Users

Nowadays, at least in some cases, you are not going to get what the company offers in their product page. Thus, for having a clearer idea about the product as well as service, you can approach experts of the field, and they would be able to give you a review of the desired plan. So, this option can be used as a sort of confirmation.

HostGator Coupon: Use HostGator Coupon and Save Money

Hostgator CouponYou have to spend notable amount of money if you would like to build a new blog and help it succeed. For example, you have to buy a good domain name, hosting service, SEO (Good, though optional), social media marketing etc. for the success. Among these, web hosting service is the most important thing, and it is the most expensive service too. You can get domain names for $2-$10 whereas you will have to spend an amount near to $100 for purchasing a good web hosting service for your blog. Apparently, the amount is quite huge for a newbie blogger, especially he could not invest that much money in blogging, despite the fact that a blogger should not prefer free hosting based on price of the service.

In that sense, one of the best web hosting service, you might be interested in choosing, is HostGator, which is global provider of web hosting provider including the newbie-blogger’s favourite ‘shared hosting’. When combined with all other kinds of hosting packages like VPS, dedicated server, reseller hosting etc, HostGator seems to be the single-window for all your web-hosting needs, especially if you would like to see your website/blog seamlessly. Although the service offers comparatively lower rates, we can make them even affordable through HostGator Coupon.

Apparently, HostGator coupons are some simple alphanumeric codes but they can do awesome magical work when you are making a huge purchase from HostGator. Even though there might be some variations according to category of product, the effect of the coupon would be damn visible because in some situations, you can save more than 25% off the total order. In addition, some special occasions, HostGator used to publish some coupons, which would give you more than 50% off as well as 1-cent hosting deals.

Actually, HostGator coupons are two-way-advantageous things because not only the blogger, who is going to buy the hosting service but also another blog owner or internet marketers can avail benefits from these coupons. When user makes use of the coupon for availing discount on his/her order, the owner of the coupon will get definite amount of commission from HostGator. Read the HostGator Review for more details.

In addition, the effect of these coupons is quite visible, especially if you are making a huge purchase from the company. For instance, if you are purchasing web hosting for three years, the amount would be very high, and then you can understand the value of these coupons. Here, we have some coupons for you, which would definitely help you in availing notable discount on your web hosting order.

Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing: Beginner’s Guide

Through Affiliate marketing you can influence your readers to buy or use a product/service, which is available online. For example, you can lead a few of your visitor towards a site or blog, followed by a sign-up process or sometimes the purchase of products, which will provide you particular level of revenue from the company. Such web-based professionals, who use their blog/website to promote a website or blog is known as an affiliate.

Earn Money

Also You can use your blog to promote different kinds of products or services but you should select the most appropriate category if you would like to earn more from Affiliate Marketing. Among the list, one of the best categories is Web Hosting, as each website/blog can promote web-hosting service via the blog. Here, in this post, we would like to give you an entire overview on web hosting affiliate marketing! Hope it will be useful for new bloggers and internet marketers, who would like to earn decent revenue from web hosting affiliate marketing. First, we will share working method of affiliate marketing first.

How Affiliate Marketing Works!

As we mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is the materialization of day-to-day preferences through different stuffs such as text, images, and other kinds of rich media. Once you have selected Web Hosting services as the section, you will get earnings based on sign-ups per month. This means that if you have influenced one of your readers to buy the service, you will get particular amount of commission. However, this commission does not affect money, which that user has to pay for purchasing the service. Through this method, you can get a notable amount of revenue from your site, and the amount will increase when you can attract more users towards the specific web hosting service.

You should consider the fact that most (there’s no wrong in saying ALL, though) hosting providers have their affiliate programmes, which means that most bloggers can make use of affiliate marketing throughout their blog as well as community. In case of popular blogs, affiliate marketing is, of course, a major constituent of total revenue. Hence, it means that you can start promoting web hosting services through your blog from the next second itself. You have to just lead your customer to the product webpage through the URL from the company, which will contain reference ID of your account. When that customer pays for the products, specific commission would be credited in your account. You can withdraw your commissions, when it reaches specific amount (say $100 or something)

Note: Preferably, it is good to promote the same web hosting service, which you are using for your blog. The reason is quite simple it is not reasonable if you are endorsing HostGator whereas you are using Bluehost for that blog.

Ways to Promote Web Hosting

You could use different methods for promoting web-hosting service through your blog. Here, we would like to share you such ways with you so that you can implement those in your blog or website. According to the category of your site, you can select a few among the list.

Articles & Other Text Content

When creating content in your blog, you might have to mention phrases, regarding web hosting. In these posts, you can use the specific phrase or word to the product page of that web hosting service. If you have used the text in one influencing manner, chances are high that you will get commissions through the link. Obviously, this is a good way to earn via Affiliate Marketing, especially if you frequently publish posts about web hosting, development, blogging etc.


Just as you insert third party advertisements in your blog, you can use affiliate banners to endorse the hosting. It is rather preferable when you are promoting a special offer such as 1-cent hosting or something because such content will attract more readers than the usual one. Frequency of clicks will have damn increment if you have an exclusive & profitable offer with you. Nevertheless, you don’t have to design those banners but you just have to insert one code in particular section of your blog.

Hosting Review

Since most newbie bloggers, especially who have decided to self-hosted blogs have confusion about choosing web hosting for their blog, publishing hosting reviews is a good way to earn commission via affiliate marketing. However, you should be very careful to keep neutrality throughout the review, and so you should boast too much about the service, though you can say facts the service.

Hosting Coupons

Most of popular hosting providers allow affiliates to create custom hosting coupons, which sometimes offer notable discount on purchases. And, when one user makes use of such a coupon during their purchase, you will get specific amount of commission in your account. Apparently, this is also an awesome way to earn via Affiliate marketing.


If you think images and text are not capable of expressing your marketing strategies, you can have a shift to videos-based affiliate marketing, in which you will have to create and publish videos regarding the hosting provider through popular video sharing sites like YouTube. You can give the reference URL inside description.

Tips for Effective Affiliate Marketing

Though we have covered some standard methods of affiliate marketing, you can implement a few tips in the process to attract more customers and hence earn notable revenue. Here, we have some tips for you, and you can use these tips for most of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

  • Prefer Natural Ones: Rather than creating an affiliate oriented post, it is always to include endorsements in a natural manner. This not only increases number of sign-ups but also strengthen your neutrality.
  • Prefer Rich Media to Text: Since the power of visual media is something great, you can make use of banners, flash and video-based campaigns rather than articles.


Hope you got a clearer idea about affiliate marketing in your blog as well as methods to accomplish it in a truly profitable manner. Do you use affiliate marketing in your site? Do let us know via comments.