Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing: Beginner’s Guide

Through Affiliate marketing you can influence your readers to buy or use a product/service, which is available online. For example, you can lead a few of your visitor towards a site or blog, followed by a sign-up process or sometimes the purchase of products, which will provide you particular level of revenue from the company. Such web-based professionals, who use their blog/website to promote a website or blog is known as an affiliate.

Earn Money

Also You can use your blog to promote different kinds of products or services but you should select the most appropriate category if you would like to earn more from Affiliate Marketing. Among the list, one of the best categories is Web Hosting, as each website/blog can promote web-hosting service via the blog. Here, in this post, we would like to give you an entire overview on web hosting affiliate marketing! Hope it will be useful for new bloggers and internet marketers, who would like to earn decent revenue from web hosting affiliate marketing. First, we will share working method of affiliate marketing first.

How Affiliate Marketing Works!

As we mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is the materialization of day-to-day preferences through different stuffs such as text, images, and other kinds of rich media. Once you have selected Web Hosting services as the section, you will get earnings based on sign-ups per month. This means that if you have influenced one of your readers to buy the service, you will get particular amount of commission. However, this commission does not affect money, which that user has to pay for purchasing the service. Through this method, you can get a notable amount of revenue from your site, and the amount will increase when you can attract more users towards the specific web hosting service.

You should consider the fact that most (there’s no wrong in saying ALL, though) hosting providers have their affiliate programmes, which means that most bloggers can make use of affiliate marketing throughout their blog as well as community. In case of popular blogs, affiliate marketing is, of course, a major constituent of total revenue. Hence, it means that you can start promoting web hosting services through your blog from the next second itself. You have to just lead your customer to the product webpage through the URL from the company, which will contain reference ID of your account. When that customer pays for the products, specific commission would be credited in your account. You can withdraw your commissions, when it reaches specific amount (say $100 or something)

Note: Preferably, it is good to promote the same web hosting service, which you are using for your blog. The reason is quite simple it is not reasonable if you are endorsing HostGator whereas you are using Bluehost for that blog.

Ways to Promote Web Hosting

You could use different methods for promoting web-hosting service through your blog. Here, we would like to share you such ways with you so that you can implement those in your blog or website. According to the category of your site, you can select a few among the list.

Articles & Other Text Content

When creating content in your blog, you might have to mention phrases, regarding web hosting. In these posts, you can use the specific phrase or word to the product page of that web hosting service. If you have used the text in one influencing manner, chances are high that you will get commissions through the link. Obviously, this is a good way to earn via Affiliate Marketing, especially if you frequently publish posts about web hosting, development, blogging etc.


Just as you insert third party advertisements in your blog, you can use affiliate banners to endorse the hosting. It is rather preferable when you are promoting a special offer such as 1-cent hosting or something because such content will attract more readers than the usual one. Frequency of clicks will have damn increment if you have an exclusive & profitable offer with you. Nevertheless, you don’t have to design those banners but you just have to insert one code in particular section of your blog.

Hosting Review

Since most newbie bloggers, especially who have decided to self-hosted blogs have confusion about choosing web hosting for their blog, publishing hosting reviews is a good way to earn commission via affiliate marketing. However, you should be very careful to keep neutrality throughout the review, and so you should boast too much about the service, though you can say facts the service.

Hosting Coupons

Most of popular hosting providers allow affiliates to create custom hosting coupons, which sometimes offer notable discount on purchases. And, when one user makes use of such a coupon during their purchase, you will get specific amount of commission in your account. Apparently, this is also an awesome way to earn via Affiliate marketing.


If you think images and text are not capable of expressing your marketing strategies, you can have a shift to videos-based affiliate marketing, in which you will have to create and publish videos regarding the hosting provider through popular video sharing sites like YouTube. You can give the reference URL inside description.

Tips for Effective Affiliate Marketing

Though we have covered some standard methods of affiliate marketing, you can implement a few tips in the process to attract more customers and hence earn notable revenue. Here, we have some tips for you, and you can use these tips for most of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

  • Prefer Natural Ones: Rather than creating an affiliate oriented post, it is always to include endorsements in a natural manner. This not only increases number of sign-ups but also strengthen your neutrality.
  • Prefer Rich Media to Text: Since the power of visual media is something great, you can make use of banners, flash and video-based campaigns rather than articles.


Hope you got a clearer idea about affiliate marketing in your blog as well as methods to accomplish it in a truly profitable manner. Do you use affiliate marketing in your site? Do let us know via comments.