Previously artificial intelligence was a part of science fiction movies only. The fast development of science and technology has turned this science fiction into a reality. The modern generation can’t take a single step without their smartphone, internet, and other smart devices. Most people enjoy kids luggage sets and the benefits of artificial intelligence without even knowing about it.

The use of artificial intelligence is at its basic inception stage and it will take time to reach the fully developed stage. The main purpose of the artificial intelligence is to reduce the workload of a human. With the development of smartphones and high-speed internet, connectivity has reached a new level.

Without proper connectivity, the proper development of artificial intelligence is not possible. The artificial intelligence-equipped machine needs to be updated regularly to customize as per the users need. The basic level of ai is being used by various industries to make the life of common people easier, here are some examples.

Artificial Intelligence For Cleaning The Home:

ai in robot vacuums

The robots use infrared rays and other advanced technology to avoid collision with furniture and wall. In case of low battery, these robots can reach to their charging stations automatically. Advanced positioning system has been created into these robots so thay are can effectively reach to every corner of the house. This robot will be cleaning the home throughout the day without any human attention.

Robots are not only cleaning the floors of the house, AI is being used for washing clothes and dirty dishes. These appliances use intelligence system to effectively do the job by saving natural resources. All these appliances can be connected to your smart device and you can also control these appliances remotely by using your smart controller. The AI equipped devices don’t need to be controlled manually because these devices have been programmed to work automatically.

Artificial Intelligence In The Smart Phones:

The smartphones are becoming smarter day by day by using more powerful artificial intelligence. Now, most of the smartphones can play the role of a personal assistant in your life. It can remind you any upcoming event, it can organize events for you and it is also capable of taking notes on your command.

But the amazing features don’t end here, the artificial intelligence-equipped smartphones can be customized completely as per your needs. It will remember all the important things for you and you can even get any data available on the internet by asking your phone. The smartphones are highly secured nowadays because only your face and fingerprint can unlock these devices.

Artificial Intelligence For Entertainment:

You can customize your modern TV as per your requirement by using artificial intelligence. Some organizations are using the artificial intelligence technology for their clients. You can buy spectacles, clothes and other goods by using the artificial intelligence. Previously you had to go to the trial room to try the fitting of new clothing.

Online retailers are using the artificial intelligence, which will use your physical data and picture to create a virtual dummy and you can try the clothes on that virtual dummy. Different websites are using the artificial intelligence to provide a more customized feel to their clients.

Artificial Intelligence For Enhanced Security:

Previously people had to manually enter their password to unlock their phone or computer. After that, scientists added the biometric lock to make the devices more secure. After the development of artificial intelligence, doors and gadgets are using facial recognition system, an iris scanner, and biometric locks together to provide more security.

These security systems are so advanced that two similar looking people can’t unlock each other’s devices. Not only has the lock system the surveillance system been upgraded as well to increase the capability of a domestic or commercial security system.

The CCTV cameras are capable of capturing clear videos at night by using infrared and advanced motion detectors. Some AI equipped cameras can alert the guards by detecting heat from the intruders. The AI equipped cameras can alert the guards by detecting any abnormal activity, and definitely, this adds more security to the property.

Artificial Intelligence For Cars:

ai car

According to recent studies, one person dies in every 25 seconds in a road accident. some auto manufacturers are using technology like advanced radar, camera, and semi-automatic driving assistant to reduce road accidents. Some auto manufacturers are planning to develop fully automatic self-driving cars by using artificial intelligence.

These cars will be equipped with all the modern safety features and the artificial intelligence will use all those features for better ride and more safety. These automatic self-driving cars will reduce the chance of road accidents because most of the accidents take place because of driver fatigue.

Artificial Intelligence In Reducing Your Work Load:

Now the basic level of artificial intelligence is being used to reduce your workload. You can convert a speech into a note by using this technology. You can write error-free texts and emails by using artificial intelligence. The larger calculation can be done with the help of artificial intelligence for more accurate services. Modern aircrafts manufacturers use artificial intelligence to fly the aircraft, also problems in the aircraft can be diagnosed by using the technology.

Doctors are able to detect the root cause of health issues by using artificial intelligence. Though the artificial intelligence has not reached its fully developed stage, yet it is helping professionals to get the job done without any human error.

Personal Robots:

Scientists and robot manufacturers are working on the assistant robots for a long time. These robots can be programmed to go the household works like cooking food, serving the food. Some robot manufacturers have successfully developed such robots, which can provide extra assistance and these robots can understand all your requirements by using artificial intelligence.

Some developers have developed the technology to create automatic homes. The blind and curtains will go up and down as per your need. The climate controllers can adjust the room temperature depending on your health condition and need. These artificial intelligence-equipped appliances can change their working pattern by understanding your need and these appliances are specially programmed to save energy a well.

Accurate Weather Forcast:

Scientists and space research organizations are using artificial intelligence to build smart satellites. These satellites will be able to provide you with a more accurate weather forecast. The smart satellites are using advanced sensors and camera to monitor every little change on the earth. That is why scientists can detect major natural disasters at the time of its inception.

Modern smart gadgets are also designed to use every important data to alert yours. You will get a notification about the local weather and air quality because of artificial intelligence and high-speed internet connectivity. Because of the use of advanced artificial intelligence in space research, scientists are able to collect more accurate data about the earth. Important facts and data can be calculated with perfection and automatically to get more reliable predictions.

Taking Care Of Elder People And Children:

The changing economy of the world has forced every member of the house to work. Because of the workload, most of the people can’t take care of their elder parents. Young children also need the attention of their parents but the mother doesn’t get maternity leave for 6 months.

With the help of modern robots, the parents can take care of their child from their office. Parents will also get a notification if any major problem appears. Thus people can take care of their elderly parents and child by using artificial intelligence. Some robots have been developed for the children with disabilities. These robots can read and write for those disable children. These hi-tech robots can also become the eye of the visually disabled children.

The artificial intelligence is helping the modern generation to get the work done in an easy and convenient manner. Smartphones and the fast internet has become accessible to common people, that is why more people are now able to enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence. With the help of advanced device and artificial intelligence, the modern generation can perform any difficult job without putting any effort.

Though the artificial intelligence has not developed it fully functional stage, it is helping most of the people to get their job done in an easy way. Though some people are afraid of the fact that dependency on such devices makes the common people more vulnerable to the unethical hackers everything has its own advantage and disadvantages, but the common people are not being able to live their lives in a convenient manner because of the presence of artificial intelligence. Scientists are working on such technologies to decrease the chance of human error and they are also focusing on stronger security systems for the smart devices.